Care for winter pansies

Winter pansies

Winter pansies

How do you care for winter flowering pansies

Planting time

When should you plant winter pansies? They can be planted from mid-September until the end of October when the soil is still warm. Winter pansies do best if planted in humus-rich soil, well-drained soil, in sun or partial shade.

Winter pansies in pot

Do winter pansies come back

Winter pansies are short-lived perennials. They flower from autumn until the first frost. Once the temperatures rise, they will start to flower again. So they are hardy. They can withstand frosty temperatures.

Should you water pansies in winter

If your winter pansies are in a pot and placed in the shelter of porches and fences, water the plants regularly during winter. Place a finger in the pot. If the soil is slightly dried out, water the pansies. If the soil is moist, they don’t need water.

Winter pansies become leggy

In spring when the weather is getting warmer, winter pansies can get leggy. The plants start growing upwards and often fall over. Cut the leggy winter pansies by half. After this type of pruning, they will regrow and will flower again well into June. Also, give the winter pansies a liquid feed after pruning.

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Winter pansies can get leggy