Columbine leaf miner

Akeleiblad mineervlieg

What is causing white squiggly lines on the leaves of columbine

A tiny fly lays eggs in the leaves. The larvae of this fly make tunnels in the foliage of columbine, causing white lines on the surface of the leaves. Although the columbine leaf miner disfigures the leaves, it will not kill the plant.

Aquilegia vulgaris                                         Aquilegia leaves damaged by leaf miner

Organic control

Columbine leaf miner treatment. How do you control columbine leaf miners organically? Pick off the infested leaves. Don’t compost the affected leaves. Bin the affected leaves.

When there is much damage, cut back the whole plant near ground level. New fresh leaves will quickly emerge from the base.

How to grow aquilegias. See Columbine or Granny’s bonnet

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