Hellebore leaf spot

Helleborus orientals

Helleborus orientals

Symptoms of hellebore leaf spot

Hellebore leaf spot is a fungal disease. The symptoms of hellebore leaf spot are brown, black spots on the leaves which can change to silvery.

The fungus can also infest the flowers and the flower stems. Many hellebores can be affected by hellebore leaf spot, especially Helleborus x hybridus (Lenten rose).

Leaf spot Hellebore
Leaf spot on leaves of Helleborus x hybridus

How to tackle hellebore leaf spot

So what can you do. If you find hellebore leaf spot on your hellebore hybrids cut off all the infected leaves right at the base of the plant to prevent further spreading.

After removing a lot of leaves the hellebore plant will grow again. New leaves will appear again in early spring.

Don’t put diseased leaves on the compost heap. Bin them.

bladvlekkenziekte op jonge helleborus / leaf spot hellebore
The symptoms of the first phase of hellebore leaf spot

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