Hosta ‘Patriot’

Hosta ‘Patriot’


Plantain lily

  • Position: full shady or partial shade
  • Soil: moist, well-drained soil
  • Flowering period: July to August
  • Height: 0,4-1m
  • Foliage: deciduous
  • Hardiness: fully hardy

Hostas are mainly grown for their lush foliage. These foliage plants are available in a wide range of leaf colours, sizes and shapes. The plants also bear attractive flowers in shades of pink, lavender or white during the summer months.

Hostas love shady spots and moisture-retentive soil.


Hosta sieboldiana var. elegans

There are many varieties to choose from. Hosta sieboldiana var. elegans is well-loved for its big, dramatic, grey-green leaves and pale lilac-white flower spikes. After flowering, the flowers will produce lovely seed pods. It grows to 0,7-1m tall.

Hosta ‘Sum and Substance’

‘Sum and Substance’ is similar in size, but with bright yellow-green leaves, changing golden-yellow later in the season.


Those who want variegated leaves try Hosta’Patriot’. Its mid-green, heart-shaped leaves have striking white margins. Perfect for lightening up a shady corner of the garden.

Hosta ‘Blue Mouse Ears’

If you are short of space consider Hosta ‘Blue Mouse Ears’, a small hosta with attractive thick, round, blue-green leaves, topped with short lavender flowers. Expect a height of 25cm and a spread 0f 30cm.

Hosta Sum and Sustance, Hosta Blue Mouse Ears
Hosta ‘Sum and Substance’                      Hosta ‘Blue Mouse Ears’


Pruning Hosta (Plantain lily). Cut back the faded flower spikes after flowering. Hostas die back naturally in late autumn. Cut off damaged, yellow or dead leaves at the end of the growing season.

Growing tips

Add plenty of organic matter to the soil before planting. Hostas don’t like to dry out. Apply a 5cm layer of garden compost or leaf mould around the base of the plant in spring.

A covering of mulch will keep moisture in the soil.

Keep in mind that slugs and snails love hostas. Control, consider a nematode solution.


How do you prepare hostas for winter. Hostas die back in late autumn. Then new shoots will emerge in spring. Hostas are fully hardy but new shoots can be damaged by frosts. If necessary, protect the shoots with a couple of layers of garden fleece.

Plant combination

Hostas look lovely when grown with heuchera, carex, astrantia, ferns, astilbe.

Astilbe 'Younique Ruby Red'
Astilbe’ Younique Ruby Red’