How to get rid of yellow sorrel

Oxalis corniculata

Oxalis corniculata

How to recognize yellow sorrel

Oxalis corniculata, commonly known as yellow sorrel, yellow oxalis, or creeping woodsorrel, is easy to identify. It has striking purple clover-liked leaves and produces small, yellow flowers from late spring to September.

Where does yellow sorrel grow

Yellow sorrow is quite at home in a wide range of conditions. It grows in borders, in paving cracks, and in lawns. You can also find it on the surface of the compost in a pot.

springklaver ( Oxalis corniculata)
Yellow sorrel                                                                   Leaves of Yellow sorrow

How to get rid of yellow sorrel

Although yellow sorrel ( creeping woodsorrel) is a short-lived plant, it is regarded as a garden weed. This weed mainly spreads by exploding seed pods. If left to grow unchecked, it may become invasive.

Remove the plant by hand before the flowers form to prevent spreading the seed. Don’t put the removed oxalis plants on the compost heap.

Alternatively, hoe off seedlings regularly.

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