Propagating English ivy

Hedera hibernica

Hedera hibernica

How to grow English ivy from cuttings

Propagating English ivy is an easy way to get new ivy plants. Best to take cuttings in spring and summer. Only take cuttings of juvenile plants.

A mature ivy plant is not suitable. An adult form is easy to recognize. Only a mature ivy is able to form greenish flowers and berries. The leaves often become un-lobed, rounder and heart-shaped.

Follow the instructions step-by-step

hedera stekken/ propagating English ivy
step 1                                    step 2
1. Take cuttings from new growth or young shoots, about 15-20cm in length. Us a sharp knife or secateurs.

2. Prepare the cutting by making a final cut just below a leaf node, keeping just a few leaves at the top.

hedera stekken /propagating English ivy
step 3                                 step 4
3. Put a stem of ivy in a clean glass of water. Place the glass out of direct sunlight on a window sill. Replenish the water when necessary.

4. After 4-6 weeks the stem has formed a root system.

hedera stekken / propagating Enlish ivy
step 5
5. Pot the cutting up in a 9cm pot. Water well and keep the compost slightly moist. It takes time before you see new growth.

Juvenile ivy plant, mature ivy plant
Juvenile ivy plant                      Mature ivy plant has a different leave shape

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