Propagating Mint

Mentha suaveolens

Mentha suaveolens

How to propagate mint from cuttings

Propagating mint is an easy way to get new mint plants. Best to take cuttings in spring and summer.

Follow the instructions step-by-step

munt stekken
Step 1                                     Step 2
1. Take cuttings from the top growth, about 8-10cm in length. Use a sharp knife or secateurs.

2. Remove the growing tip with a sharp knife or a pair of scissors.

munt stekken
Step 3                                   Step 4
3. Prepare the cutting by making a final cut just below a leaf node.

4. Remove the lower leaves.

munt vermeerderen
Step 5                                   Step 6
5. Put a stem of mint in a clean glass of water. Place the glass out of direct sunlight on a windowsill.

6. After a couple of weeks, the stem has formed a root system.

munt stekken
Step 7                                   Step 8
7. Pot the cutting up in a small container. Water well and keep the compost slightly moist.

8. The mint cutting will quickly produce new growth.

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