Salvia x jamensis

Salvia ‘Royal Bumble’

Salvia ‘Royal Bumble’

Salvia x jamensis


  • Position: full sun
  • soil: well-drained soil
  • Flowering period: June to October
  • Height: 0,6-1m
  • Foliage: semi-evergreen
  • Hardiness: frost hardy ( needs winter protection in cold areas)

Salvia x jamensis ( syn Salvia microphylla ) and Salvia greggii are indispensable for their long flowering season. These shrubby salvias come from the Southern United States and Mexico and flower from June to October.

In a sheltered spot, they will often flower for much longer. They perform best when grown in full sun, in well-drained soil.


Salvia x jamensis ‘Hotlips’

Salvia x jamensis ‘Hotlips’ is a vigorous, bushy perennial, which flowers from July until the first frost stops it, with bicoloured red and white flowers. Depending on the weather conditions, the colour can vary.

Sometimes completely white and red at the same time. Expect a height of 90cm and a spread of 75cm.

Salvia ‘Pink Lips’

For soft colour try ‘Pink Lips’ (‘Jeremy’), a pink and white bicoloured variety and ‘Amethyst Lips’, which produces deep purple and white flowers.

Salvia greggii ‘Lipstick’

Smaller at 40-60cm, Salvia greggii ‘Lipstick’ bears lovely rose-pink flowers and green aromatic leaves. Excellent plant for containers.

Salvia ‘Royal Bumble’

Salvia ‘Royal Bumble’ offers rich, red flowers, appearing on deep purple stems from summer to late autumn. It has a bushy habit. Bees and butterflies love ‘Royal Bumble’.

Salvia microphylla Pink Lips
Salvia x jamensis ‘Pink Lips’                 Salvia x jamensis ‘Hot Lips’


How and when to prune Salvia x jamensis (syn Salvia microphylla) and Salvia greggii. Leave the stems intact over the winter. It will provide a bit of winter protection.

The best time to prune is early spring (April) after frost danger has passed. Wait until the new growth starts to emerge. Then cut back the old stems to just above the new growth.

Winter care

Salvia  x jamensis and Salvia greggii can withstand -8 t0 -12 degrees Celsius, if planted in a sheltered position, in well-drained soil.

In cold areas, they need protection from severe frosts. Cover the base of the plant with a thick layer of dry mulch to protect the roots.

Alternatively, dig the plant up and pot it up. Keep the plant sheltered from frost and winter wet.

Growing tips

Salvia x jamensis and Salvia greggii in containers need regular feeding in the summer months to stimulate new flowers. Plants grown in the open ground need no feeding.

Cut off regularly faded flowers throughout the growing season. Cut back the whole flower spike with its dead flowers to just above a leaf.

Plant combination

Salvia x jamensis goes well with Salvia nemorosa, Gaura, Verbena bonariensis, Nepeta.

Salvia nemorosa
Salvia nemorosa

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