Weigela 'Bristol Ruby'

Weigela 'Bristol Ruby'


Weigela or Weigelia

  • Position: full sun or partial shade
  • Soil: fertile, well-drained soil
  • Flowering period: May to June
  • Height: 1- 2,5m
  • Foliage: deciduous
  • Hardiness: fully hardy

Weigela is a fantastic summer-flowering shrub, originating from East Asia. The flowers come in shades that range from white, pink, and red. For best results grow in fertile, well-drained soil in full sun or partial shade.

The leaves of weigela are deciduous. So weigela is not evergreen.


Weigela ‘Bristol Ruby’

Weigela ‘Bristol Ruby’ produces masses of deep red funnel-shaped flowers in early summer. The mid-green leaves are attractive too. ‘Bristol’ is a vigorous, fast-growing weigela. Attains a height of 2,5m and a spread of 2m.

Weigela ‘Ebony and Ivory’

This variety has striking deep, green leaves which change to dark purple later in the season. The ivory-white flowers in summer contrast beautifully with the dark foliage.

‘Ebony and Ivory’ is perfect for a small garden. This dwarf weigela will eventually grow to 1m tall and o,8m in spread.

Weigela Ebony and Ivory
Weigela ‘Ebony and Ivory’                                      Weigela florida ‘Variegata’

Weigela florida ‘Variegata’

Weigela ‘Florida Variegata’ is slightly different with clusters of light pink flowers appearing on arching stems. The leaves are mid-green with creamy-white margins, then pale yellow. Expect a height of 1,5m-2m.


When and how to prune weigela shrubs (weigelia). Prune an established weigela just after flowering. Cut the flowered stems back by a third to maintain the shape of the plant.

If a weigela is in need of rejuvenation, cut back one or two of the oldest, thickest stems to the base of the plant, just after flowering. This type of pruning stimulates new growth.

Plant combination

Weigela looks good planted with Alchemellia mollis and Philadelphus, Abelia, Deutzia.

Alchemilla mollis
Alchemilla mollis